A better life for billions of people

We aim to improve the lives of billions of people with affordable, high-quality dental health – regardless of social status.

Rayo team

We agree, it sounds ambitious. How will we succeed?

Return investments with interest

Dental care is costly.

Our solution provides the best results with comparable costs for the dentist and for the patients.

Be usable and flexible

To ensure our solution is usable in different surroundings, it is simple and easy-to use.

This is why we take seamless integration with existing equipment seriously.

Remember the environment

Our dental filling solution reduces environmental stress and produces no significant pollution.

Our team

Rayo 3D is a group of people who share the dream of our company. We are dentists, scientists, and innovators.

Reijo Lappalainen

CTO, Innovator, COB, Partner, Professor, PhD

“New (bio) materials and production techniques including 3D printing, thin film techniques, and composite materials open up possibilities for new ideas.”

Reijo Lappalainen

Kirsi Sipilä

Research Director, BM, Partner, Professor, DDS, PhD, Co-Innovator, Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry and Stomatognathic Physiology

“3D printing is a fast -emerging technique in dentistry. I strongly believe in the breakthrough of this novel technique in dental restorative care and occlusal rehabilitation.”

Kirsi Sipilä

Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen

Dental Marketing Director, BM, Partner, DDS, PhD, Specialist in Public Health

“I feel privileged to be participating in the development of this new method that will bring dentistry to this millennium.”

Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen

Kenneth Tarvonen

CEO, Partner, M.Sc. (Econ.)

“The business potential of the innovation is vast and truly global. The commercial scale could be hundreds of millions of euros yearly, even in moderate estimates.”

Kenneth Tarvonen

Our investors

Investment groups

Investment groups

We have financial backing from large investment groups.



Dentists and dentistry businesses are backing our product.

Ordinary people

Ordinary people

Investors and businessmen from other fields have joined our journey to transform dental healthcare.

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See what’s next

During 2021

First products shipped out!

Our product is ready to be shipped out to the customers first in line.

2020 - Q1

Clinical study in Finland

We begin field trials in Finland. We gather valuable data on real-life performance.

2020 - Present day

2020 - Q1

Clinical study in Tanzania

The planned clinical study in Tanzania was withdrawn due to unexpected challenges.

2019 - Q4

The prototype presented on the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition

Our product gathered great interest from fair visitors. Presenting the prototype is a major milestone in heading for mass production.

2019 - Q2

Prototype of the robot completed

The initial development phase of the robot is completed on schedule.


Launch of the robot design

The development of our dental robot begins in cooperation with Etteplan plc.


The first idea

The initial concept is born: could we use technology to make excellent dental health affordable to all?


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