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2022 - Q1

Fresh start with a new concept

Research and development of the new concept decided at the Annual General Meeting 2021.

2022 - Present day

2020 - Q1

Clinical study in Finland

We begin field trials in Finland. We gather valuable data on real-life performance.

2020 - Q1

Clinical study in Tanzania

The planned clinical study in Tanzania was withdrawn due to unexpected challenges.

2019 - Q4

The prototype presented on the Finnish Dental Congress and Exhibition

Our product gathered great interest from fair visitors. Presenting the prototype is a major milestone in heading for mass production.

2019 - Q2

Prototype of the robot completed

The initial development phase of the robot is completed on schedule.


Launch of the robot design

The development of our dental robot begins in cooperation with Etteplan plc.


The first idea

The initial concept is born: could we use technology to make excellent dental health affordable to all?