Manufacture precise dental restorations chairside

Leverage 3D printing and modern robotics to manufacture ready-to-use restorations for a fraction of the cost of traditional milling methods.


Restorative dentistry utilizing brand new digital technology

Our method combines the capabilities of traditional dentists’ tools, 3D printing and modern robotics to produce restorations that are more precise with reasonable costs.

Rayo’s 3D concept mimics in the restorations the natural layered structure of the tooth in an optimized manner, allowing a better match with the tooth.

Clear benefits without a downside

  • Precise fit
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Improved care
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Sustainability
Rayo 3D compared to traditional methods

How does it work?

  • Patents pending
Intelligent software

Intelligent software

Our software works together with your open-source dental scanner to construct a 3D mould design.

3d printing

3D Printing

A customized 3D printer prints out a mould for the filling, with tailored properties and a perfect fit.



The mould is passed on to our dental robot that fills the mould with standard dental filling material as per the original design specifications.

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