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    We set the smallest target for our innovation that you could think of. Just some thousandths of a millimetre. That’s the precision we reach with the new RAYO 3DToothFill technique (Pat. Pend.) enabled by Digital Imaging and 3D Printing. Because when you reach a tolerance of almost nothing, it changes everything.
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    The unprecedently precise RAYO 3DToothFill (Pat. Pend.) changes dental care for good. The fit is instantly more precise. The filling is targeted to last a lifetime. There’s less substrate left for bacteria to cause harm between the tooth and the filling. The waste of materials and the need for repetitive renewals are minimised. All this will make advanced dental care more equally affordable, improve the health of billions of people, and the cost savings in healthcare will be immense.

health for
billions of

The potential for RAYO 3DToothFill (Pat. Pend.) to improve the quality of people’s lives is immense. Untreated caries in permanent teeth is the most prevalent condition affecting 2,5 billion people worldwide.*

“New (bio) materials and production techniques including 3D printing, thin film techniques and composite materials open up possibilities for new ideas.”

– Reijo Lappalainen

In addition, approximately 8 out of 10 regular users of dental services need repetitive repair or replacement of old restorations within five years** This is a critical problem placing a heavy burden on dental health services and patients.

The instantly fitting and uniquely durable RAYO 3DToothFill (Pat. Pend.) is in practice ‘a tooth filling for life’. It dramatically reduces the requirement to repair old restorations. As result, dental treatment of more patients will be enabled. The cost-efficiency of the new technique will make premium quality dental care more widely accessible to new groups of customers.

The technique provides also new affordable solutions for the demanding rehabilitation of occlusion and aesthetic dental care.

*(N.J. Kassebaum, A.G.C. Smith, E. Bernabé, T.D. Fleming, A.E. Reynolds, T. Vos, C.J.L. Murray, W. Marcenes, and GBD 2015 Oral Health Collaborators. Global, Regional, and National Prevalence, Incidence, and Disability-Adjusted Life Years for Oral Conditions for 195 Countries, 1990–2015: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors. J Dent Res. 2017 Apr;96(4):380-387)
**(A. Nihtilä. Adult heavy and low users of dental services: treatment provided. Swed Dent J. 2016;40(1):21-32.).

Better in

From patients, dentists and providers of healthcare funding to individuals and society as a whole, everyone will benefit from the unique features and new possibilities of RAYO 3DToothFill.

Precision fit

  • The most precise fit possible, less gap between tooth and filling than in traditional filling techniques.
  • Polymerisation shrinkage can be taken into account.
  • Automated reproducible processing of the filling.
Improved care

    • Better fit means less risk for infection, as there’s less substrate left for bacteria between the tooth and the filling.
    • Improved control of caries helps to improve overall health and reduce healthcare costs in general.
    • Optimal occlusion achieved. Reduced occlusion-related headaches, muscle and joint pain.
    • Restoration of good occlusion enables people to enjoy a diverse and balanced diet.
    • A better functioning replacement for amalgam fillings.
    • Minimum number of processing steps and less processing residues inside the mouth.


  • Very long-lasting fillings, in practise a ‘tooth filling for a lifetime”.
  • Optimal performance in loading due to unique combination of durability and elasticity.
  • Minimal risk of detached fillings and fractured teeth.
  • Substantial improvement compared to the typical shorter lifespan of composite fillings.
  • Significant cost saving for individuals and for society as a whole.

Cost effiency

  • Competitive costs compared to traditional premium methods. Affordable treatment is more widely accessible.
  • More efficient use of dentists’ working time.
  • Reduced material waste.
  • Reduced number of dental operations required over a patient’s lifetime.
  • Better use of public and private healthcare funding.


  • Operation completed in one appointment, filling produced chairside, no time-lag from the work of dental laboratory.
  • Instantly more precise fit.
  • No need for repetitive renewals of the filling. Reduced number of dental appointments over patient lifetime.
  • Greater part of the work done outside the mouth.
  • Minimal exposure to chemicals and residues inside the mouth during the process.


  • Reduced material waste by digital imaging and 3D printing.
  • No hazardous amalgam waste, no microplastic, no need for impression materials and improved overall waste control.
  • Efficient use of public and private health care funding.
  • Enhanced possibilities to offer quality dental care for everyone, affordable solutions to demanding occlusion and other treatments.
  • Less CO2 emissions due to reduced traffic between the clinic and laboratory, and reduced need for customers to travel to dentist appointments.


Scientific articles, research reports can be found here

at chairside.

RAYO 3DToothFill technology (Pat. Pend.) is easy to adopt in dental clinics. It substitutes parts of the treatment process with automated, better functioning, more convenient, cost-efficient and sustainable solutions. It is easy to use, versatile and doesn’t require big upfront investments.

“3D printing is a quickly emerging technique in dentistry. I strongly believe in the breakthrough of this novel technique in tooth filling and occlusion rehabilitation.”

-Kirsi Sipilä

Preparing the

The dentist prepares the tooth for filling as usual. No investment in new equipment required.

Digital imaging of the tooth

The dimensions of the filling are imaged digitally with a precision of few micrometres. A high quality intraoral scanner and RAYO 3DToothFill software are required.

3D manufacturing of the filling

The filling is manufactured chairside utilizing 3D printing. No time and money consuming laboratory work, no manual stages inside the mouth, no need for a second appointment. A suitable 3D printer with RAYO dental robot required.

Placing the filling into the tooth

The filling is placed and fixed into the tooth in one precisely measured piece. The fit is instantly most perfect, the occlusion optimal and performance as close to natural tooth as possible.


Technical specifications, user instructions and training materials can be found here

Filling the
need for

Sustainability might not be the first issue that comes to mind when thinking about dental care development requirements, however there are many urgent needs to be met. The cumulative effects of improvements are massive, considering there are globally billions of dental operations annually.

“I feel privileged to be participating in the development of this new method that will bring dentistry to this millennium.”

-Pirkko-Liisa Tarvonen

Traditional dental care techniques produce a lot of material overuse, waste and residues, for example impression materials, amalgam, microplastic and emissions of fixatives. They end up inside the bodies of patients or into the wider environment. All this is avoided by precision manufacturing of restorations outside the mouth.

Healthcare funding faces tough challenges worldwide. Significant cost savings are achieved when the long-lasting RAYO 3DToothFill (Pat. Pend.) eliminates the need for repetitive repair or replacement of old fillings. A substantial amount of dentists’ time is released for more efficient care with existing resources. Affordable costs make premium quality dental care more widely accessible.

The improvement in dental health also has positive effects on general health, and this reduces healthcare costs even further.

The advanced RAYO 3DToothFill technique (Pat. Pend.) will even cut the CO2 emissions of traffic. There are fewer deliveries made from dental laboratories to clinics, as the work of laboratory is now done chairside in the clinic. Patients will use less transportation as they need to visit the dentist less frequently.


Etteplan has initiated the technical planning and development project of RAYO dental robot

We have agreed with Etteplan plc about starting the planning and development process of our RAYO den >>

Prof. Pekka Vallittu nominated as Senior Advisor to the Board of Rayo 3D-Toothfill Ltd

Professor in dentistry, Pekka Vallittu, DDS, PhD, CDT has been nominated as Senior Advisor to the >>

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A healthier and
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world one tooth
at a time.

Ask your dentist what improvements are required in dental care techniques, and you’ll get the same answers. We know, because we have asked, and we also have dentists in our own team. The innovation that led to RAYO 3DToothFill (Pat. Pend.) was developed by a team of professors and experts from University of Eastern Finland and University of Oulu. The company developing the commercial solution based on the innovation is Rayo 3D-Toothfill Ltd, based in Finland. It was founded 2018 by members of the original research team.

“The business potential of the innovation is vast and truly global. The commercial scale could be hundreds of millions of euros yearly even in moderate estimates.”

– Kenneth Tarvonen

Rayo 3D-Toothfill Ltd is building the delivery chain of software, equipment, materials and services to make the RAYO 3DToothFill solution (Pat. Pend.) available and better dental care accessible all over the world. We will offer also training, guidance and support services.

Our goal is to help people to be healthier and the world to be more equal with improved, more widely available dental care.

The key members of our team are:

Reijo LappalainenCTO, Innovator, COB, Partner
Professor, PhD

Kirsi SipiläResearch Director, BM, Partner, Professor, DDS, PhD, Co-Innovator, Specialist in prosthetic dentistry and stomatognathic physiology

Pirkko-Liisa TarvonenDental Marketing Director, BM, Partner, DDS, PhD, Specialist in Public Health

Kenneth TarvonenCEO, Partner
M.Sc. (Econ.)

+358 40 750 0765